Welcome to the website of the Catholic Education Office Ballarat. Across our Diocese, 64 diverse Catholic primary and secondary schools provide distinctive Catholic education from the Murray to the Sea.

The mission of Catholic education is to ensure that every student will flourish and that every student, staff member and family will experience the presence of the risen Christ in our schools. It is a mission that we take very seriously indeed.

With Jesus Christ as our source, the Catholic Education Office Ballarat (CEOB) strives, through service and leadership:
• to nurture respectful and trusting relationships,
• to facilitate learning that builds capacity and promotes flourishing, and
• to enable effective stewardship.

We believe that every student can learn, that every leader and teacher can grow in capacity, that every school (and our own office) can improve and that the future can be influenced positively when we worship together and work together in the pursuit of excellence in learning, teaching and leading.

Strategically, CEOB plays an important role in ensuring effective governance of our parish and diocesan schools, in promoting, enhancing and nurturing the Catholic identity of our schools, in maximizing staff learning and in identifying and encouraging leaders at every level to grow in capacity. Why? Because we care as deeply about student learning as do the families, staff and leaders in our schools... and together we can create a future for our young people which is worthwhile, hope-filled and joyously fulfilling.

With every blessing,

Ms Audrey Brown
Director of Catholic Education