Effective leadership is critical to School Improvement in the Diocese of Ballarat. Effective leadership ensures a shared vision and agreed goals across the five aspects of schooling to improve learning outcomes for students.

Effective leaders build a strong learning community through empowering others to lead through building capacity and supporting evidenced-based approaches to learning and teaching. Effective leaders engage in and encourage others in professional learning, communication of directions and challenges, promotion of creativity and innovation and analysis of student and school progress.

The development of leadership is both a system and school responsibility to ensure:

  • Catholic identity is at the heart of school vision and direction
  • High standards across all schools
  • Sustainable and ethical governance
  • Access and support to leadership development
  • Diocesan and government requirements are met

The Catholic Education Office Ballarat offers annually leadership programs for specific areas such as religious education and literacy and for developing leadership skills at different career stages.