Encountering the Word Through Godly Play


Godly Play Overview

Encountering the Word Through Godly Play (pdf)

Journal of Catholic School Studies Article (with permission) (pdf)

Scripture in Units Godly Play  (pdf)

2D Images for Godly Play

Jerusalem 2D (jpeg)

Paroable of the Sower (jpeg)

The Good Samaritan Images (jpeg)

The Lost Sheep Images (jpeg)

The Mustard Seeds Images (jpeg)

The Prodigal Son Images (jpeg)

Godly Play Scripts

Baptism - Liturgical Action (pdf)

Feeding of the 5000 (pdf)

Jesus and the Woman of Smairia at the Wall (pdf)

Jesus Calls the First Discpiles (pdf)

Jesus has been Raised (pdf)

Jesus is Alive (pdf)

Jesus is Baptised (pdf)

Moses and the Burning Bush (pdf)

Noah and the Flood (pdf)

Story of Creation (pdf)

The Annointing at Bethany (pdf)

The Boy Jesus in the Temple (pdf)

The Christmas Story - Luke (pdf)

The Coming of the Holy Spirit (pdf)

The Faces of Easter (pdf)

The Good Samaritan (pdf)

The Lost Sheep (pdf)

The Mustard Seed (pdf)

The Mystery of Christmas (pdf)

The Parable of the Sower (pdf)

The Prodigal Son (pdf)

The Ten Lepers (pdf)

Visit of the Wise Men (pdf)

Zacchaues (pdf)

The Faces of Easter - Pictures

Crucifixion (jpeg)

Curing the Blind Man (jpeg)

Jesus' Baptism (jpeg)

Jesus Mary and Joseph (jpeg)

Last Supper (jpeg)

Resurrection (jpeg)

Temptation in the Desert (jpeg)

The Mystery of Christmas Giotto Images

Adoration of the Magi (jpeg)

The Annunciation (jpeg)

The Flight into Egypt (jpeg)

The Massacre of the Innocents (jpeg)

The Nativity (jpeg)

The Presentation in the Temple (jpeg)

The Visitation (jpeg)