Induction programs are focused on new or beginning teachers and principals in the Diocese Ballarat. For participants, induction involves:

  • Being welcomed to the school and system
  • Developing understanding of school and system policies and directions
  • Building professional networks and support
  • Building on prior knowledge and skills
  • Effective transition to the new role
  • Working with a mentor
  • Developing personal learning goals
  • Developing leadership skills

Graduate and New teachers

Induction for teachers involves school and system support. Professional development in specific areas such Awakenings is available to new teachers to the Diocese of Ballarat. New teachers to a school are supported through school-based induction programs. In addition to the school-based program, graduate primary teachers are able to participate in a three-year program implemented by the Catholic Education Office (CEOB).

The Graduate Primary Teacher Program (CEOB) includes developing skills and understanding in:

  • The role of the classroom teacher
  • Professional learning in specific areas such as numeracy, religious and inquiry
  • Establishing the classroom climate and pastoral wellbeing
  • Accessing and working with student support services
  • Legal issues in schools
  • Behaviour management such as restorative practices
  • Principles of learning and teaching

Graduate Secondary Teachers are supported by Catholic Education Officers in school-based sessions.

Beginning and New Principals

Beginning principals or new principals to the Diocese of Ballarat can access a three-year induction program implemented by the Catholic Education Office. It provides an opportunity for the in-coming principal to gain more detailed information about the role, the support structures which surround it, and to identify the specific responsibilities the position requires

The initial induction commences with a welcoming day and Bishop Connors presents each principal a copy of the Awakenings core document and a crucifix.
The three-year process includes the development of leadership in areas of:

  • Faith and Catholic Identity
  • School improvement
  • Administration and finance
  • Community and pastoral wellbeing

Ongoing support is also available through:

  • regular contact with the Education Consultant
  • principal network meetings / seminars / conferences
  • contact with other principals on an informal basis
  • visitation from Catholic Education Office personnel
  • regular meetings with the Employing Authority